What Hours to Buy Cryptocurrency?

Investors who trade in traditional stock markets or people who have little knowledge of traditional stock markets know that traditional stock markets are active at certain hours and closed on certain days.

Since crypto exchanges are compared to traditional exchanges a lot, naturally, the questions of what hours to trade in crypto exchanges and when to buy crypto money are also very popular questions.

Comparison of Traditional Exchanges and Crypto Exchanges

Although traditional exchanges and crypto exchanges are compared to each other, there is a very serious difference between the two types of exchanges. This difference is as follows; While traditional exchanges have closing times and closing days, crypto exchanges are always active. As a matter of fact, the question of what time the crypto market closes is out of question for crypto markets.

Traditional exchanges are active during standard business hours and become inactive outside these hours. In addition, traditional stock markets are closed on weekends and public holidays. Therefore, it will be necessary to follow active hours and active days in order to trade on traditional exchanges.

Crypto exchanges, on the other hand, do not have any holidays or vacation hours. Thanks to the crypto markets that are active 24/7, crypto money and tokens can be bought or sold at any hour and day.

When the so-called hybrid stock market, which includes both crypto markets and traditional markets, becomes active in the future, it may not be necessary to work with separate exchanges for both traditional and crypto, but hybrid exchanges are not currently in service.

What Hours to Buy Cryptocurrency?

As mentioned above, there are no specific hours or working days for trading on crypto exchanges and trading cryptocurrencies or tokens. In other words, it would be a big mistake to say that the concept of hours and days are completely unimportant in crypto exchanges, but it is possible to trade 24/7 in crypto exchanges.

There is a crypto market in all countries of the world, including Turkey, and crypto investors are trading all over the world. However, you will appreciate that while the crypto market of one country is quite active due to the time difference between countries, the market of another country may be at least active during night hours.

Due to the time difference between countries, especially investors, who are called traders, should pay attention to these time differences. For example, you can wait for the investors in China to become active in the market for the market to move, but for this, it is extremely important to know the time difference between China and Turkey and to estimate the activity of Chinese crypto exchanges according to this time difference.

Besides the time difference, another important factor in crypto exchanges is the day factor. While there is a working day in USA, another country’s official or religious holiday may be in question, and this may be reflected in the activity in crypto exchanges.

For traders and short-term investors, these time differences and holidays are more important than medium and long-term investors. Because when a country’s market starts to become active or inactive, it can affect crypto prices, and this can have a negative effect if not careful in investments.

Although they are relatively less important for medium and long term investors, the day and time differences are important. Because by choosing the right day and the right time, it is possible to gain more profit on the investments made. The investment in question is extremely important, even with very low earnings.

If we summarize the subject; Although there are active and passive hours & days in traditional exchanges, this concept of active and passive hours and days does not exist in crypto exchanges. In the crypto markets, there are the most active and the least active hours and days.

Because of this situation, it is important to wait for a certain hour or day to trade in crypto exchanges and markets, not to be able to trade, but to earn more and make more accurate investments. For this reason, knowing the answers to questions such as which country has the most active hours of the crypto markets and what are the most popular holidays of the countries will give investors an advantage.

Finally, no matter what, news tracking is extremely important for your crypto investments, as well as the concepts of hours and days. Do not forget to follow crypto news while trading in crypto markets.

Esat Demirtas

Since the day Bitcoin first entered our lives, my path has always crossed with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and now I have turned my focus here, and when I realized that this world is brand new but complex, I decided to convey my humble knowledge to people who want to explore this world through the Binansal website.